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If your into strip tease, you may enjoy photography as a way to earn extra $ also..
There are lots of opportunities for actractive weight proportionate to height women.
Of course Nude photography is one, though there are many aspects of nude photography also.
I know of websites with girls whom make 100k a year on the side working with photographers.
Some are extra sexy, some are artistic nude models, there is about 13 different levels of photography after swimsuite,lingerie, nude, artistic, erotic, fetish, etc....
If your interested in getting some mild nude photos taken with a pro, I can guide you, post for you, and more hopefully after we work together,I can help manage incoming gigs for you if your still working 40 hours ish, or dont have time to access computer/internet.
I am looking for people whom are professional and have good head on thier shoulders.
Most people whom will shoot in the nude, will receive almost immediate offers, from all over the USA, if your super hot, work out or just born with it, your gonna make allot of extra cash, ive managed girls with offers from playboy, (super bowl party event) not a pictorial, but still, uh-em, playboy scouts the same sites i use, I do not work for playboy nor do I attempt to say that, I just know that many playboy models themselves are on this site also...They were interested in hiring a model whom woudlnt work in the nude, so the gig didnt go through for her, she was to be painted and wear panties only, at a super bowl party, anyhow, I am honest, hard working, and professional when it comes to conduct and photography, I will come to your club to meet you anytime if your interested.
I'm tired of not knowing hundreds of beutiful models personaly, haha
Contact me and we can get started, thanks all!
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