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Lap dancing
« on: December 18, 2006, 05:11:55 AM »
Respect the dancer, get great lap dances. Take the time to talk to the dancer and find what she allows and respect what she does not allow. Dancers that i have gotten lap dances from who have allowed touching anywhere but no insertions have danced even hotter the following dances. Even to the point of pulling the back or front of bottoms down to give easy access. One girl even did on a dare wore only a short skirt, out of respect to her i limited my contact and made sure that her skirt did not ride up and get her in trouble. This girl has told me that she has trust in my respect for her and said that since i haue never euen attempted to slide a finger, that she would allow me to put my hand there for the entire dance! I told her that would make the dance less because other areas would be neglected. The other thing dancers like is that i am never grabby or rough. Again respect for the dancers! What do others think?