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Adult Film Star Featuring in Colmar
« on: September 12, 2007, 05:18:41 AM »

Nikki Fairchild , is beginning her trek on the dance circuit for the first time in her Adult career!  A true to life dancer, she is guaranteed to awe fans and clubs starting with this 1st show.

Did I forget to mentions, yes, A REAL DANCER!  Doesn't walk around.  The show will be intense.  

Nikki is a veteran in the adult business with her exotic looks and very sexy demeanor.  Nikki has been working in the softcore world predominantly and has done many Music Videos over the past years working with some of the most celebrated artists (Dr Dre, Nocturnal, ExZibit, Snoop Dog, Al B Sure, and more).  Her management company and dance agency, The Lee Network, convinced this sultry dancer to start showcasing her dancing talents on the feature circuit.  

Nikki was recently a special guest on the Michael Baisen
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