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(1)   If you have, or are considering a club website, be extremely careful where you host it. If you host it on one of the big all club sites, you risk having your site unlisted on the engines, should that site ever get barred from being on the engines. Its best for you to control where it hosted, and for you to have control over your site, and content, not some promoter! Ever wonder why some club sites disappear? Thier site was held for ransom. Promoter had all the content.

(2)    Keep your website up at all times! If your site is down, you can loose your engine listings. In addition sites that link to your site may remove the links if the site is down. Also make sure your site is viewable on all browsers! One of the major online strip club hosts doesn't even make their web pages viewable by Netscape, or Firefox!

(3)     MOST IMPORTANT- Always have control of your domain name, and keep it paid up! If you let a promoter setup your domain name, or control it, you may find it has been taken away, and there is not much you can do about it. The domain name should be registered with your name, address, contact number, etc. You can set it up yourself here cheap.

(4)     Never pay upfront for someone to design your site! Its best to pay in increments as the site progresses to your satisfaction.

(5)     Make sure your web designer does not place hidden text on your pages. The search engines will not list your site, and Bare Bones will not either!

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